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About Us

Our over 25 years of experience translates into knowing all the phases of electrical work and construction. We understand the true costs involved and are capable of anticipating all that is entailed in meeting each homeowner's needs. Our professionals undertake each project with their minds set on quality control. We stay on the job until it is completed, never jumping from job to job, so you can rest assured knowing that we will focus exclusively on your project before moving onto the next.

Your satisfaction is our number-one concern. Our experienced electricians are here to give you, our customer, peace of mind. We do everything by the book, entirely safely, and with absolutely no shortcuts. We don't just hire laborers to come in and do the menial work; literally every step by the process is done by a genuine electrician that really knows the job at hand.

Experts With Your Home In Mind

PAUL VINCENT ELECTRIC, LLC, may specialize in existing home projects, but we don't avoid work that requires running wires behind or under existing structures. If such work is required, we strive to minimally disturb the surrounding fixtures so we don't overtly impact your standard of living during the process.

Your home or business is treated with the utmost respect by our electricians. Our licensed and insured specialists essentially aim to treat your home as if it were their own. We won't leave any work half done, and we always aim to get it done right the first time.